Tweak 7

1.0 build 1140

Speed up and improve Windows 7 performance


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As you already know from previous versions of Windows, there are a lot of ways to optimize and tailor its performance to your needs.

Windows 7 is no exception, and the fact of the matter is that optimization programs like Tweak 7 came out even before its first official launch.

Tweak 7 belongs to a family of programs from Tweak VI (Windows Vista) and Tweak XP both of which have longtime experience improving Windows systems.

It offers you a series of built-in improvements like; freeing up disc space, cleaning, defragmenting your hard disk, and it speeds up internet connectability.

Aside from these optimizations, there are sidebars to control and modify each part of the system to cater to your needs: devices (hard drive, memory, CPU,etc.), as well as visual options (desktop, start menu, taskbar, etc.) and internet options.

You have 15 days to try out this program. There are some functions that are restricted to the full version.

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